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Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Astronomy Books
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide, Third Edition, 
Terrence Dickinson and Alan Dyer, c 2008.
A comprehensive guide covering all the main branches 
of amateur astronomy, including imaging,  
with clear descriptions of key concepts targeted for 
beginner to intermediate level observers. 
Written by two Canadians too!
(Member John N.)
NightWatch A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
Terrence Dickinson
Another excellent start up book. Has great sky maps 
in the middle that can be photocopied.
and taken out under the stars
These next three books are for use under the stars.
Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas

Roger W. Sinnott

The Observer's Sky Atlas
E. Karkoschka

New Atlas of the Moon
Thierry Legault, Serge Brunier
RASC Telrad Charts - Print them and put them in a binder.
The best charts we've found anywhere for using a Telrad finder - and they're free.
(RASC Website)

Best Binocular Star Clusters


The Coathanger - Collinder 399

The Beehive - M44

Melotte 25 – The Hyades

The Seven Sisters - The Pleiades or M45

Collinder 70 Open Cluster in Orion's belt

Melotte 20 - Alpha Persei Association

Melotte 111 – Coma Star Cluster

M7 – Ptolemy’s cluster


Top 10 Open Clusters - Winter

ObjectConstellationRating 1-5, (5=Best)


Appearance  Findability



2)BeehiveM44 Cancer54
3)Double Clusterngc 884Perseus44
4)Double Clusterngc 869Perseus44
5) M67Cancer42
6)HyadesMel 25Taurus45
7)Alpha Persei AssociationMel 20Perseus45



1)et clusterngc 457Cassiopeia53
2) M35Gemini43
3) M41Canis Major43
4) M34Perseus32
5) M37Auriga33
6) M36Auriga32
7) M38Auriga32
8) M46Puppis32
9) M47Puppis32